Locals: RAZZ Interview

Who are you? How old are you?

I’m Rhys, alias “RAZZ” and I’m turning 26 in a month’s time. Co-founder of L’Ambiance.

How many months/ years have you been Djing / producing?

Relatively new to the scene. Learned DJing in early 2021 thanks to Carl Lautier and started doing some gigs since then.

Mention an artist that inspired you to become a DJ/producer?

The love for techno music is what inspired me to become a DJ rather than any specific artist. However, Anetha is the main artist that constantly inspires me. Her trancey sounds never fail to inspire me and is the reason that I want to get into production next.  

Is there a local artist that you look up to and love to see play at events?

Apart from the obvious techno gem Human Safari, there are several DJs that I look up to. In my opinion, Ashibane/Bane is one of the most versatile DJs on the island at the moment. Joseph Spiteri is another artist that I feel has great talent and has a lot to offer to the scene. Some of my other favourites are Damz, GVZ and Kyle Cortis, all brilliant in their own different styles.

What skills do you think DJs need to be successful?

Track selection, mixing technique and reading the crowd/room are a few of the obvious answers, but my personal belief is being able to be yourself without fear of being judged is the most important skill. This will help to create something authentic and real, which hopefully leads to success. 

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

Mainly by following my favourite artists and labels on instagram, soundcloud and bandcamp. Going to events also helps to stay up to date. 

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ?

Seeing yourself improving and the reaction from the crowd during and after your set is definitely top of the list.