Locals: Krow Interview

Who are you? How old are you?

 My name is Travis Sciberras and I am 20 years old.

How many months/ years have you been Djing / producing?

I have been DJing for the past 5 years and producing for around 5 years as well.

Mention an artist that inspired you to become a DJ/producer?

I would say there are various artists that inspire me. I cannot really pick a particular artist that really pushed me forward to become a DJ/producer as I believe different artists have influenced me in different ways to start my path as an artist myself. To mention a few, I would say that some of my biggest inspirations from the start were and still are: Luke Slater, Oscar Mulero, Matrixxman and Blawan along with much more who have inspired me to pave my own path to becoming an artist.

What skills do you think DJs need to be successful?

In my opinion, DJs require the fundamental knowledge of the tracks that they play. Knowing your tracks is key to knowing how your sets will play out. Other than that, I may add that the bravery of stepping out of one’s own comfort zone is what makes a DJ stand out as successful as other DJs. A DJ who knows his limits, when and how to push those limits to create a truly unexpected and enjoyable experience for the listener, is a DJ who truly aims for success.

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

I am mostly always browsing for new releases. You could say from morning till night. I find that hunting for tracks to add to my sets, as well as furthering my knowledge in the art that I love is just as enjoyable as creating music myself. I love this art to the point where simply investing time and effort into it is amazingly rewarding and satisfying for me, let alone DJing and Producing. With that being said, I find it quite easy to stay up to date with the latest trends along with whatever is happening in the scene at the current times.

Is there a local artist that you look up to and love to see play at events?

It is amazing how many fantastic and talented local artists we have in Malta. If I had to pick one artist that is always a thrill to see on a line-up, play at an event and look up to as such a dynamic and exceptional artist, I would say Sean Rickett. His DJ sets are always banging and out of this world. The groove is unreal whenever he is behind the decks, and his versatility is truly mind-blowing.

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ?

No doubt. The most rewarding part of being a DJ is being able to reach people’s souls and give them the experience that they long for. Being in control of such a beautiful moment is the most amazing feeling I could think of. It is truly a moment that cannot be replaced which rewards an exceptional, wholesome feeling that also can’t be replaced.