Locals: KAOS Interview

Who are you? How old are you?

My name is Isaac Sammut and I am 25 years old.  

How many months/ years have you been Djing / producing?

I am quite new in the scene when it comes to playing in a club so I would say not more than a year. I am currently also learning more about music production and how to play a live set. 

Mention an artist that inspired you to become a DJ/producer?

I’ve been following the scene for almost 6-7 years. My tastes in the music changed a lot. But two artists that I can say that inspired a lot me would be [KRTM] and SNTS. 

Is there a local artist that you look up to and love to see play at events?

The local artists that I look up to and I love with passion would be Owen Offset, his style is what hits me a lot especially when it comes to his production. Other local artists I look up to are the resident artists from Vacuum and Riot. They have been a huge support to me, and I wouldn’t be who I am without them. Last but not least I would like to mention Kyle Pulis (GRDNT) who believed in me from the beginning and kept pushing me to learn more. He is also one those local artists that inspire my music tastes and production.

What skills do you think DJs need to be successful?

Playing tracks according to the style of the party is important, you also need to respect the time allocated during the event and the DJ’s playing after you. It is also important that when you create a set you feel the music like it’s a journey. Having a good ear to music helps a lot when it comes to track selection and production.  

How do you stay up to date with the latest music trends?

My way of keeping up to date on the latest music would be by listening to Podcasts, listening to sets while chilling with my friends and following various artists on Soundcloud.  

What would you say is the most rewarding part of being a DJ?

For me becoming a DJ has been a dream ever since I’ve been in the scene. This is because I always felt that the feelings/journey the DJ playing can provide no one else can give it to you. So, I want to return the same thing but, in my way, and style.